How Facebook is sucking your soul



You’re bored.

You’re at home.

You’re too tired to do anything productive but you aren’t tired enough to take a nap.

You’re feeling unsocial but not unsocial enough to want to lose touch with the world.

And so you do it… you login.

Just like the rest of its 1 billion and something users.

You know that the way you feel about Facebook isn’t normal but because everybody else seems to feel this way, you excuse yourself.

A part of you feels that you can’t get enough of it. And you hate admitting this.

But how can you get enough of it when it’s a psychological disneyland?

Facebook is available for all kinds of moods. People aren’t.

Post a selfie if you’re feeling vain.

Share a sad song if you’re feeling down.

Upload a meme if you’re in the mood for something sarcastic or humorous.

Check out people’s photos if you’re bored and lonely.

Write something angry when you’re mad.

Fill everything with smileys when you’re in a good mood.

Whatever it is that you are feeling, Facebook has something that either helps you express that feeling or it helps you forget about it and move on.

And you fall for it.

Because in a strange sick way, this is actually enjoyable or liberating.

When the reality of what you’ve just done is nothing more than pour your feelings on a cyberspace.

A cyberspace that doesn’t care.

All it sees in you is a consumer or a product.

And yet you’ve given it something that it can never give you.

And this is how it happens.

This is how it acts.

This is how Facebook is sucking your soul.








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